Isabella Lanaro

April 07, 2018

Isabella Lanaro

We’re sure we’ve met our perfect match. Meet Isabella Lanaro, a super talented photographer from Miami who has worked with world class beauties like Elsa Magnelli, Abigail Garrett, and Michal Idan. Isabella shot our La Mare Collection and we immediately fell in love with her creative talent and her effortless ability to capture raw, natural beauty. Her photography captures the perfect summer moment in time and it’s refreshing to see her natural approach to shooting her subjects. We’re excited to share this interview with Isabella where you can learn more about her and her work! Take a look at her work on Instagram or her website.

What are a few words that describe who you are?

Ahh I don't know... Indecisive.

Where are you from? 

I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela.

What is the inspiration for your photography?

My friends and family. I started photography by taking pictures of my friends around school and my family at home, I fell in love with how I could capture moments happening in my life. Also I was pretty blind growing up and couldn't really see well (I didn't realize I needed glasses until I was about 14) so the camera made everything HD for me and that was pretty cool.

What is your favorite style of shooting?

I like a shoot that doesn't feel like a proper shoot haha, where it feels like it's just a couple friends hanging out.

Where was your most memorable shoot location?

I definitely have to say Monterosso, Italy. The location (even though it was freezing and we were doing a swimwear shooting) was breathtaking.

What would your perfect holiday look like? 

My perfect holiday would be in me in Ios, Greece hiding under a towel to escape from the sun while simultaneously trying to smoke a cigarette and drink a mojito.

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